Anxiety is a Bitch

Ever feel down for no reason? Like, do you ever feel like you’re sad or worried about something when there’s nothing to be sad or worried about?

I do.  Often.

And once I realize that I feel nervous about absolutely nothing I tend to dwell on it all day, thus making it worse.  Today I feel stressed.  I don’t know why.  I feel like I’m worried and scared and the most irritating thing is I do not know why.  But whether I know what it is that’s bothering me or not doesn’t matter – I still feel like I want to cry. 

I have been loafing around the house since I got home from work because I just don’t want to do anything else.  It’s not good. 

I’m lucky.  I have a wonderful guy in my life who tells me to call him if I need him, that he wishes he could do something to help, that he loves me, and that I should smile. 
That helps.

But I still can’t help it… that anxious feeling takes over on some days.  I hate it.

Sorry guys, I mean for this blog to be written a little better, but honestly I just wanted to vent a little about my frustration with damn anxiety.

♥Jessi Michelle

One thought on “Anxiety is a Bitch

  1. For whatever reason the brain electricity or chemicals just aren’t firing on all cylinders today. I often get those feelings too. Though lately their all self inflected… But when nothing is wrong it’s usually because your brain is just having a crabby day.I hope you feel happier soon! 😀


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