My Epic Loot

On Saturday my best friend Kelsey and I made an adventure to the convention center in Rosemont to experience the Transworld Jewelry, Fashion, and Accessories expo. 

What a successful journey!

They have all my money, but it was well worth it!  Instead of telling you all about it, here’s some pictures of my loot from the day.

I was looking for a green skirt and found this skirt… which can also be a dress!

There were plenty of things I found that were only a dollar, like these earrings and this bracelet.

Or these glass pendants.  I ended up with ten of them, but I like these the best:

I only paid a couple bucks for a package of these little cuties…

And then, there was this stand called Moon Glow. You tell them your birthday and they look it up and tell you what the phase of the moon was on the day you were born. And they have a pendant for each one.  Mine was second quarter.  I got a pendant with that on it and a ruby colored bead, which is my birthstone.  I had them put it on my charm bracelet.. and it glows in the dark.

Another thing I was super excited about was this entire table of lampwork beads.  I love lampwork beads but I’ve noticed that they are very expensive.  I found an entire string of them for only $7 – can not beat that.  I already took the string apart but here’s just a few of the beads.

Not everything was that cheap though.  One thing in particular that I was looking for was a pack of head pins. I have some that I got from Micheal’s. The problem with head pins is that you have to get more than one size.  Some beads are larger and therefore have larger holes drilled into them so they fall right off if the head pin isn’t the right size. I found a pack at the expo that would have been perfect for some of the beads I have at home. I found out they were $1.50 a gram. When weighed, the total of the package I selected was $40.  I put them down and walked away. Honestly.  I’ll stick to improvising with my package of $3 head pins from Micheal’s.

There was a lot of stuff besides clothes and jewelry too. I walked out with three packages of this delicious dip that I sampled. They came in several different flavors. I picked garlic, onion, and tomato basil.

And the second I got home with all my stuff I couldn’t wait to play with my new toys.  So I made a pair of earrings to match my dress with the lampwork beads I got.

Definitely a successful day. I will definitely be attending again next time around!

♥Jessi Michelle

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