My Strange Affinity for Metal Objects in Various Body Parts

I wanted the name of the post to sound like the title of Brand New song.

Let me tell you a story.  I’ll sound like a complete fool, but whatever.

When I was younger, I had a pair of really pretty clip-on earrings.  They were dangly with various shades of blue beads.  I took the beads off one of them and left them on the other.  Then (now don’t laugh at me) I clipped the one with the beads on my belly button and the other on my tongue.  Yes, folks, I have always had a strange love for navel and tongue piercings.
I also used to buy the magnetic earrings from Claire’s and place them up my ear along with the double pierced lobes I already had. (Which is similar to how my ears look now. Surprised?) That’s besides the point…

The point is, I’ve wanted these piercings for a very long time – and that is why I was super worried about my navel ring when it started to swell up and hurt.  Not long after that it started to look all crusty and scabby. Because of all the mess it looked to me like the bar had moved forward. I was afraid it was starting to reject. After making a trip to Native Rituals I found out that was not the case. It is possible I have bumped it enough to cause microscopic scarring. Johnny from Native suggested a chamomile tea compress.  You buy some chamomile tea, boil some water, pour the water over the tea bag, let it cool until it’s warm and not hot, and place it on the irritated piercing. 

After only two days of this, it’s starting to look much better. No more scabs or crusty parts. It still looks a little a red and feels slightly tender. But it’s clear to me that this stuff is working well.

That’s a relief.

Now.. if only I had my damn tongue pierced.

♥Jessi Michelle

2 thoughts on “My Strange Affinity for Metal Objects in Various Body Parts

  1. My navel ring did the same thing, i used that sea-salt spray on it for a few days and it cleared right up. My bottom navel ring never did that though. Also, tongue rings are fun, but you actually you forget you have one after a while.


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