Public Announcements

I don’t know about you but I believe a person’s sex life should be kept private. 

And I don’t mean the people who mention it to their close friends and then change the subject.  I’m talking about the people who broadcast what goes on in their bedroom, in detail, to everyone they speak to.  I know I’ve mentioned things once or twice here on the site but never would I post a blog detailing every experience I’ve had.

I work with a high school girl who thinks it’s okay to discuss these personal matters with everyone, without even being on the subject of sex.  What makes it more irritating to me is that she’s only 17.  Yes, she’s of the proper age of consent and yes, I was younger when I lost my virginity.  But to me, being almost 23, she’s just a baby. I feel like I’m violating consent laws just by hearing her talk about it. Like, don’t you have friends your age you can talk to about this, OUTSIDE of the work place?  Not all of us want to hear that.

No way in my right mind would I judge her for what she does in her bedroom on her own time, but that doesn’t mean I want to know about it!

♥Jessi Michelle

2 thoughts on “Public Announcements

  1. Tebor says:

    I would tell her that it makes you feel uncomfortable and that it violates work policy to talk about it so openly.I’ve felt the same way sometimes when people start getting frank about sex talk. There’s definitely an air of comfortability I need to talk about the subject and that’s rare to find even with my best of friends. At work it just feels wrong, like we’re all going to have attend a seminar or something. Never mind if it was a teenage girl talking about it… I came real close to being looped into a conversation about it when a group of students I was helping on a project with were talking about prom… Thankfully one of the girls changed the topic first. Not that I would’ve said anything cause that really would’ve been fire-worthy… But jeepers that would’ve been awkward if I was looked to for any sort of authority on the subject. :-[

  2. @Tebor –  Honestly, I don’t work with her often enough to feel the need to confront her about it. It was just particularly irritating to me that day 


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