Shampoo. Yes, Shampoo.

I was reading an article on lovelyish where the write expressed her opinion on various hair products that she’s used, that are available at your nearest drugstore.

It got me thinking about how it would be a good idea for me to switch my shampoo and conditioner.
Although this would be abnormally girlie for me to do, I’m going to tell you MY opinions as well!

To start, I’ve been using a product called V05 that is usually really cheap at my local CVS. I usually pick up for about a dollar but they’re often on sale for like .89 – and that’s really the only good thing about them.  Well, that and the DELICIOUS strawberry scent. Mmmm…
But since using that (or the dollar Suave products) my hair has been SO dry.  So, I decided it was time for a change.

My boyfriend uses Garnier products on his hair (which is nicer than mine, by the way. And I think MY hair is my best feature… so that’s saying something.) And whenever I stay over and take a shower there, I borrow his shampoo. I adore the way that stuff smells and I always notice my hair feels significantly less like straw and more like hair whenever I use it. Another reason why I figured it was time for a change.  The only thing I dislike is that it does tend to make my hair feel kind of greasy.

I borrowed some of my mom’s shampoo also, in an attempt to try different things.  She uses TRESemme.  I instantly noticed a difference and vowed to pick out a new shampoo the next day. 

I’d been a little interested in Herbal Essences.  The old commercials of women seemingly having orgasms due to their shampoo always amused me.  So when I went to buy my replacement shampoo I checked them out first.  They have one called “Hydralicious” which is meant for dry and damaged hair. So I picked that and the matching conditioner and I don’t think I’m going to go back. I’ve only been using it for three days now and I can see a HUGE improvement!

And it also smells yummy.


♥Jessi Michelle


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