Reality Check

AT&T – Approximately $30
Allstate- About $25, probably will be more if I am put on my own insurance
Comcast – $40, and will be more when I move the service out of my parent’s home
Gas – $50 or more
Electric – To be determined..
Water- To be determined..
Groceries- Who the hell knows.

With what I’m making, after all is said and done, I have nowhere near enough to make rent on a decent apartment, even paired with James. 

We’re not moving- not any time soon as there’s just no possible way we can afford it. We’re in way over our heads. We both know this is what we want but neither of us know how long it will be before it’s even possible. 

I’ve been feeling so discourage lately. My head is often filled with doubtful questions about my future such as “am I even good enough to get a job as a web designer?”  or “what happens if I lose my job?”  or even “what if it doesn’t work out? Will my parents take me back? Will I even want to go back? What do I do?”

I just…
don’t even know.

♥Jessi Michelle

One thought on “Reality Check

  1. Tebor says:

    Will your parents take you back? Yes.Will you want to go back? No.I’ve been there. I served my second time. And in September I’m getting out again. All you can do is the best you can at the time you’re at. Maybe you soar only to crash and burn. It isn’t necessarily the end of the world. But there’s options. Life is expensive and not every creative person can survive. Sadly sometimes we need that cut our teeth job to make it. Sometimes we can’t live out our dreams until our midlife crisis.I wish I had better news for ya, but life sucks. We learned that long ago.Maybe go my route and get a job maintaining the web servers for a school district. No, it won’t make you happy, but the pay will be good, the benefits better, and you’re already qualified. On nights and weekends, web design to the stars.


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