Oh hi. Stuff.

Yeah so it’s been awhile again. I always vow to myself that I’m going to blog more because I like to but never follow through. But I’m here now so I figured I’d update you a bit.
The last time I blogged I ranted about anxiety issues and such.  Of course not much has changed there but the fact that I’ve accepted it helps a little I suppose.  I’ve been trying to sell Micha which has been really overwhelming to me. She’s a great car. But after my grandma’s passing my dad inherited her Durango so my mom took my dad’s Escape and then my mom gave me her Explorer.  I was looking to buy another car anyway and was willing to pay for it. But they said not worry about it which is cool.  So now I have to sell my old Escort which means I’m actually gaining money out of this arrangement. I won’t complain too much about that. However since I’ve posted the listing on craigslist I’ve gotten non-stop phone calls. And I finally found someone who is buying (assuming he doesn’t change his mind) so anyone after that I’ve had to tell them it’s been sold. Which makes me anxious because my inability to please everyone makes me  unnecessarily anxious.  But anyway, once it’s over and done with I’ll feel better. And I’ll be able to buy a good camera so I can pursue photography/graphic design. 
Oh yes.
I’m unhappy with my major.
 <sarcasm>Which is such an excellent state to be in when you have one class left for your certificate.  </sarcasm. >
So along with that last class that I need I want to take an intro to photography class, and a three dimensional design class. Money isn’t an issue for once because my parents said I could dip into the “future” fund they have set aside for me. After all it IS for school. And I put a great deal of money into that fund monthly, so it’s lot like it’ll take a huge beating.  The thing I’m worried about is if I’m taking on too much at once. I’ll have three classes and work, not to mention the homework, and the fact that I do want to spend time with my boyfriend and friends. AND I just signed up for a gym membership (woo!) so there’s that too. It’s a lot and as I’ve mentioned before I can’t handle…a lot. But I guess it’s something I have to think about because I really do like school and want to go back.

It will help me with a future job and I can’t possibly express how much my current one irks me.. as @Tebor was able to tell from my angry tweets. 

Basically, I’ve been there for 4 years or so with no promotion, unless you count the “coffee specialist” thing which as a joke of a job title as it is. I’ve asked what I need to do to get promoted and I’m told “learn grill” and whenever I try to learn grill I’m told no.  I know plenty of crew trainers that don’t know grill so I don’t understand who I gotta FUCK to get moved up to crew trainer. Hell, I already watch the floor when managers go into a meeting AND I already train new people. So why not give me the title and the raise I deserve?! And to see that someone else (who I trained by the way) is going to be getting said raise and title, I’m livid.  I’m not going to say she doesn’t deserve it because she’s great and she does.  But the fact that I keep getting passed over for this promotion is making me beyond crazy!
Sooo tired of being fucked over.

So what else to bore you with? Oh… not that I actually want to go to a doctor or anything, but I’m pretty sure I have acid reflux or something similar to it.  Due to the obnoxious “bubbly” feeling in my throat whenever I drink pop (which is rarely because of that) or alcohol, or when I eat spicy food, anything minty, anything greasy.
Took a Pepcid. Didn’t help.  Took some Tums. Took awhile but it finally worked.  I liked spicy food   But life goes on..

I think that’s about it. 
I’ll bother you another day.
♥Jessi Michelle


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