Meeting My New Baby


Did I scare you? Hehe. No I didn’t have a secret baby. On Saturday I got to play with my new baby, (which isn’t fully mine until Christmas) my Canon EOS Rebel T3.
James and I were supposed to go downtown to shoot pictures and visit the Planetarium. We heard it would rain on and off all day so we ended up staying close to home and shot a forest preserve instead. The weather ended up holding up so we could have gone.  RAAAGE.  But oh well, I still got to play around with the camera.  We’re gonna try for this Saturday for our downtown trip and I can’t wait.  I love goin on dates, especially shooting dates, with my love.
And I get to see my  baby one more time before she goes back into the box to be wrapped up for Christmas.
So anyway the rest are here… hope you like.

♥Jessi Michelle

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