Your Choice

I was browsing le reddit last night when I couldn’t sleep when I came across something that really hit home for me. Someone posted looking for some advice about how to cheer up an employee at the McDonald’s he went to who was crying because she felt  her life was going nowhere.
There were a handful of helpful comments but mostly a bunch of people would argue that it was her choice to work there and that she should suck it up.

It’s insane how often I see that. I’ve seen posts here on Xanga where people are venting about their job in customer service to which many have responded that “it’s your job, and you chose to work there so don’t complain.”
And yes, it’s true to a certain extent. I made the decision to work at McD’s.  But when I first starting looking for jobs I told myself I would never work in fast food.  The fact of the matter is I was tired of getting rejected by company after company and I had an in at McDonald’s.  I need to pay bills so I couldn’t waste even more time looking for other jobs just because I didn’t want to work in fast food.
Sometimes, it isn’t easy. Sometimes you have to take what you can get.

And what I want to know is why that means I am not allowed to complain.  Yes, I ended up working there. But I didn’t choose. I settled. And maybe I chose to settle, but why does that deny me complaining rights?

It frustrates me to no end seeing posts where people are venting about their day hoping to get comments from people who are in the same boat as them, but instead are bombarded with comments telling them to “shut up” because they chose to be there.

Because guess what… if something better came along, I’m sure I speak for most people in my shoes to say, we’d choose that instead.

So, that’s the end of that rant…


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