Final Photo 1 Project

So we’ve pretty much been given the option to do whatever we want for our final as long as the teacher approves it.
And I’ve been given the go ahead to do my project.

Ready? It’s a scavenger hunt. Of song titles!

My brain has been exploding with ideas for interpretations of song titles. I haven’t decided how many to do total, but here are songs I have rough ideas for:

Last Train Home -Lost Prophets
Ghost Woman and the Hunter – Lacuna Coil
Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri (Oh yes, this will be interesting..)
Bullet With Butterfly Wings – Smashing Pumpkins (this one might not happen we’ll see)
Soco Amaretto Lime – Brand New
Dance With the Devil – Breaking Benjamin (possibly, might go with a different one)

Some artists I want to include are Lady Gaga, The Swell Season, and Poets of the Fall but I haven’t decided on the songs yet.

I’m really excited!

2 thoughts on “Final Photo 1 Project

  1. Tebor says:

    This sounds VERY cool! 😀

  2. @Tebor – Thanks! I can’t wait to get started.


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