I’ve Got it All Figured Out

With the end of the semester approaching quickly, I have been running around frantically trying to finish everything.
Over the weekend I went a-searching for props to use for a few of my song titles for my photo project. I found nothing and decided to order them on Amazon. When I then realized the latest I would receive them might be the 8th and 9th of May I double checked how much time I had left to complete the assignment.  May 10th is the big day- the day this assignment is due. Right at the beginning of class is when presentations start. I began panicking. My love explained that since I had a bunch of rolls of film left over I could start shooting one roll, develop, and make prints of that roll.  Then when my props come in I could shoot the rest. And that I should come up with a couple back up songs in case they don’t come in.
So over the next couple days I finished shooting. I went in to open lab on Wednesday to develop and start prints.  I finished making prints and got them all mounted yesterday.  So I am currently finished with 9 out of the 12 I’m going to make.
Now that I’ve gotten that much out of the way I’m a bit more relaxed. One of my props came in for “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” and I’m still waiting on my props for “Jar of Hearts”. I think that will be in today which means I should be able to finish shooting this weekend. I can go to lab on Monday night to develop and start prints. Then I should be able to finish everything up on Tuesday.

I also have a collage to make for 2D Design, due on the same day but I think between Saturday and Wednesday I should be able to get that done.
And then there’s my web project.  That’s due in about 2 weeks (the day of the final) since my teacher for that class doesn’t give final exams, just the final project.
As long as I work on it little by little when I have time, I should be okay there.

Oh, and I have to catch up with my visual journal, which shouldn’t be a big deal if I work hard on it each day for the next two weeks.

I’m kind of glad I have a plan this time. I hate being stressed out.

♥Jessi Michelle


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