Career-Related Updates

So, my last post was more of an introduction for those who may have just recently stumbled upon this blog. But this post will be more of an update for any previous followers of my old blog.

There’s still not a lot going on here but I did want to talk about my most recent excitement…

I volunteered at a roller derby event as an assistant photographer. I don’t think words can possibly express how exciting it was for me. It was volunteer work and all, so I didn’t get paid for it. But it’s my name on something, you know.  I just feel like it’s a step in the right direction for me.

It was difficult, getting the action shots and dealing with the fact that the flash couldn’t keep up. The hours spent on post process.

But man, was it worth it to get that text saying the team loved my photos! I’ll be shooting for them again so there’s more to add to my portfolio.

Also, I’ve been shooting for a fencing group that my friends have started. They’re hoping to find a place to practice and actually compete one day so it feels kind of cool to be part of something.

I’m really hoping one day these things help me break into photography.  Fingers crossed, anyway.

So that’s what’s been going on here.



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