Renaissance Faire- It’s Here!

Good morning! It’s 7 am here and I’ve been up for about an hour working on hair and make-up for opening day of Ren Faire! This is what my hair looks like today.


I’ll try and post more pics later. I even thought of doing a tutorial for it. Mainly for me, for when I try to remember what I did and draw a blank next year. But it’s super easy and doesn’t require any french braiding. So I’m sure others will benefit from it too.

Anyway, I’m so excited for today!  My friends and I go every year on opening weekend. It’s such a tradition in fact, that our friend came home from Virginia to join us!

We go eat at Cracker Barrel on the way and then it’s off to the Faire for a day of shows, shopping, and drinking.

So right now, it’s time to gather my things for my costume together so I don’t forget anything. I hope everyone has a great day, and to my fellow Faire-goers, have an awesome time!



4 thoughts on “Renaissance Faire- It’s Here!

  1. grannyandthebaldguy says:

    Your hair looks wonderful and have a great time and have an adventure<:)

  2. TenderVoid says:

    very pretty! i am SO jealous too – you get to step back in time to a romantic era…. i would LOVE to have been around then.


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