Ren Faire and Updates.

So as I mentioned before I went to the Renaissance Faire on opening day on the 6th.

So here’s a few snapshots of the day… I didn’t bring my camera but I had my phone.

Full on costume (complete this year, now that I have the skirt!)


Hair, complete with flower
Better view of the hair

But we decided to go again the following weekend. I wore my other costume because it’s a bit lighter (and doesn’t include a baby dragon on the shoulder). This is important because I was able to take my camera and get some nice photos. I’m currently working on post processing those since I’ve also been sick this week. But they should be ready soon and I’ll link em when they are.

I should not have gone that second time but I did end up getting a few things for my gypsy costume! And my photos are turning out pretty nice so far so I suppose it was worth it. But I was sick as a dog. Next time I won’t push myself so hard when I’m sick.

Hope everyone is having a nice week.



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