Jessamine Mason – Volumancer

So I wrote kind of an introduction to this a few days ago.  Also, you should know.. Spieluhr is German for “Musicbox” which I decided was a name brand mp3 player like an iPod or Zune. Anyway, here it is.

Jessa pulled the hood up on her sweatshirt, turned up the volume of her Spieluhr and walked out of the building and into the rain. There was no sign of bad weather earlier in the day or she would have taken her car to class. Her clothes would soon be soaked adding laundry to the list of things to do tonight. “Luckily my dorm isn’t too far from here” she thought as she made her way home.

When she arrived to her room she checked the time. 8:30. If she got started on her homework now she might be able to go to bed at a decent hour.

After changing into sweatpants, pulling her long hair back, and heating up some leftovers, she plugged her Spieluhr into it’s dock and examined it.

Her Spieluhr was the best present her family ever gave her. They couldn’t afford to send her to college. But Jessa always talked about how everyone had an mp3 player so they saved up for the best one they could find, the name brand Spieluhr. It was able to hold 30,000 songs and it was in her favorite color, blue. They gave it to her when she saved enough money to go to school as a going away present. They even paid a little extra to have it engraved: “Jessamine Eloise Mason, we love you”.

She cringed. She hated her middle name. “Sounds so old fashioned,” she would always say.

Still, she loved her Spieluhr. It reminded her of home. She often felt lonely living in the dorm at school on her own.

“Time to get to work.” She chose a quiet album and started her homework.

The music usually helped her concentrate and it drowned out the sound of the wind, thunder, and rain so she could focus on her work.

But as the night went on, it felt like she wasn’t getting anything done. The storm grew worse and seemingly louder by the minute. The constant chatter of freshman floormates began to distract her. Following the deafening roar of thunder, Jessa, frustrated, threw her hands over her ears and screamed, “STOP!”

To her surprise, she heard nothing. The storm was silenced. There was no sound coming from the hallway. Even the music from the speakers ceased. Confused, she ran to the window and looked outside. Rain was still pouring down and lightning was still flashing. But this storm made no sound.


Yeah I know it ends rather abruptly.  But it’s all I had.

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