Millions of Peaches

My boyfriend, James, and I like to cook together. We really like to try new recipes out and modify them. And sometimes we make them up. This is a recipe for peaches canned in honey. We also added ginger and almonds for flavor. James got the idea from a Manga called Spice and Wolf. These peaches made a great glaze for our Christmas ham and we recently made a chicken marinade with it that turned out to be delicious.

Because this is something we made up, we had to look up a lot of regular canning recipes and modify them to fit what we’re doing. So I’m posting an approximate recipe for what we ended up doing, leaving you with as little guesswork as possible.

You will need:

6 one pint canning jars. A good brand to use is Ball. We recommend any jar that has the ounces labeled.

A 32 ounce container of honey.


8 large peaches.


1 ginger root.


¹/² Cup almonds


(You’ll probably have a little extra ginger and almonds. That’s just what we bought. You might also have some extra peach slices but not a lot.)

Here’s what to do:

First you need to sterilize the jars. Place them in a large pot of hot water.


While you wait you can prepare the other ingredients. Rinse and cut the peaches. You can slice them or dice them, whatever you prefer. Dicing does work better for packing though.


Grate your ginger. And set it aside.

Take your jar out and place it on your prep area. Pour honey to approximately 5 ounces. Start packing in peaches. Pack them in nice and tight with a spoon. Add a small handful of almonds and a pinch of ginger. Once the peaches are packed in you should wipe off the rims and seal the lid tightly. Repeat for all the other jars.

It will look like this when it is done


When all the jars are full place them back into your large pot and bring the water to a boil. Boil for 25 minutes and adjust for altitude. If you don’t know how to do that look up charts online. (I didn’t have to do this part).

After that your jars should be sealed. Store them somewhere cool and dark such as a cellar for one month. After that they will be ready to use!

You can use them as toppings for ice cream if you want to try them by themselves. I will also post the recipes for things we’ve made with them at some point.

If you try it out let me know in the comments what you thought. If you change anything let me know how that works out too because I’d love to hear other ideas!

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