Ren Hair Tutorial

Well, as I mentioned before I was going to do a tutorial of how I did my hair for the Renaissance Faire. I originally was going to make a video of it but decided my voice is just way too awkward for that. So I will be photoblogging this instead.

It really is a simple updo that doesn’t require any french braiding (so if you’re uncoordinated like me, huzzah!) and still looks kind of fancy. It works best for long hair.

Here we go.

You will need:

Hair ties

Clear elastic bands

Bobby pins

Baby Claws (I have no idea what they’re really clips? Baby Claws sound cooler)

You’ll want to start while your hair is still wet. I did this hairstyle twice already and found that it just works better. Get it all combed out and parted down the middle before you begin.

The first step is to separate the bun, the braids, and the fringy parts. So take the majority of your hair that will be in a bun, leaving a small chunk on either side, and brush it back into a loose pony just to get it out of the way for now.

Next, the braids. Take a chunk of the remaining hair and pull it back as if you were about to do a pigtail. Smooth it out and braid it keeping it tugged that direction. This way you won’t have any bumps when you wrap it around later. Do the same to the other side.

Now, of the chunk you left in front take a smaller section and combine it with your ponytail taking care to hide any bumps your braids did make. Pull your ponytail up and make the bun

This next part is probably the hardest part. (Which is something to say about this style as whole because it still won’t be too hard)  Criss-cross your braids over the bun and have them meet underneath your hair. I wrapped it twice because my hair is really long.

Hold them in place with the baby claws.

The last thing you’ll do is tie up loose ends. Literally. You should still have a remainder of hair left over in the front that you separated from the rest. If you want you can let them hang. But I ended up fastening them up with bobby pins since my hair is so long.  Or you can braid them too! The possibilities are endless. And really in all honesty you don’t have to leave them behind, you can pull them into the braid as well if you’d like. But I guess I should have told you that first. Although you should have read this in full first before deciding to try this. You do read your tutorials before jumping into them, don’t you?

Anyway. When it’s all done you can add some hairspray to keep it in all day and affix an accessory like a flower or a comb or something like that to tie it all together!


And there you have my simple Renaissance Faire updo that I threw together the night before going!

Yay! Don’t we look so pretty?!

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