The 20 Facts

So this one is going around Facebook again and I’ve already been tagged in a couple of them. I don’t really like to post on Facebook very much so I’m going to do it here.
Really, I’m doing it because I remember posting the “25 Facts” several years ago and I was reading what I wrote and wondering how much has changed. And I’m going to try to make most of them facts that people might not have already known.

1. I have a black belt in Taekwondo and I despise it when people make the joke “I have a black belt too, I got it at Kohl’s” Har fucking har.

2. When I was in 8th grade I knew I wanted to be a photographer despite having zero knowledge of any camera outside of the disposable kind.

3. My family drives me insane sometimes, but I cannot stand being home alone for a long period of time.

4. When I listen to a song I love, I get chills.

5. I hate socks. I would walk around barefoot all the time if I could.

6. I am a brand snob. Not in the sense that I demand to only use name-brands of everything in the world. But in the sense that if I find I brand I like, I ONLY use that brand.

7. I strongly wish for tattoo and piercing acceptance in the professional workplace. Because for Christ’s sake it’s 2013, can we please get over it?

8. I have so many ideas for photo shoots, mostly music inspired, and I wish I had a studio or some way to implement them.

9. I am not careful with my money. I should be because I don’t make much of it. But I’m not.

10. I’ve been doing the same job for so long that I’m afraid of getting a new one because I’m worried that I can’t do anything else.

11. I don’t understand people. I don’t care about strangers, even though I’m really good at being polite. And often I get chewed out by my family for not caring if a complete stranger dies.

12. I don’t participate in political or religious debates because I often sit in the grey areas and for some reason that tends to piss off both sides.

13. ALL dogs are puppies to me. No matter how big. No matter what age.

14. I’m bad at taking criticism. I try really hard because I know that it can help me grow but I get really defensive anyway.

15. Puppies lying on their back is my weakness. Instant belly rubs. Apparently this applies to other animals as well.

16. I love all the colors. Seriously. If I’m buying something and it comes with more than 3 color choices I have a really hard time deciding! Sometimes I even give up on that item because it’s too expensive to buy one of each.

17. I see nothing wrong with fake things. (like fake eyelashes, tans, hair extensions, etc.) I wear colored hair extensions and fake piercings myself. I think it’s a really cool way to change your look depending on your mood and it’s not necessarily a reflection of you being a “fake” person.

18. People who refuse to like anything mainstream really bug me. Especially when it comes to music. Something you like became popular…. What is so wrong with that?

19. When I go out to eat with someone I judge how they treat the server. I cannot be friends with anyone I would not want as a customer.

20. I care if people like me or not.  I don’t like finding out that someone dislikes me. I feel like I shouldn’t because that’s so high school, but it makes me feel bad anyway.

BONUS fact because even though most of the things on my old list are still true, this is the truest: I think I’m pretty good a many things, but I really wish I was excellent at just one thing.

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