Rant: And This Is Why I Hate My Job…

Don’t mind me. I just need to rant sometimes. Warning…language and shit.

If there’s one thing that annoys the absolute fuck out of me.. it’s fucking grown ass tattle-tales.

If you are one of those people who has nothing better to do with their fucking life than to complain about customer service for stupid reasons, you can just unsubscribe now or leave this page because you seriously suck.

In this particular instance at my restaurant that shall not be named… a customer walks in seeming pretty normal. For the sake of the story let’s give her a name. How about CuntFaced Bitch? Yeah. That works.

CuntFaced Bitch asks for her double cheeseburger without pickles or some shit and without salt on the meat and a fry. Then she asks for an ice water. Now our drinks are self-serve. As in… you serve your GOD DAMN SELF. But before I can give her the cup she says, “just make it.” Not “please can you make it over there because (insert some weird reason here)” but no… “just make it.”
Considering that no one has asked me that before I simply asked if there was something wrong with the water out by the self-server station.  CuntFaced Bitch replies with a curt “no” and offers no explanation as to why she’s so fucking special that everyone else has to make their drinks except her. So even though there was a customer behind her waiting to over I went over to the drive thru station to type in the drink and told my co-worker I was making the drink for my customer and to let me know when it’s done. When I walk back over CuntFaced Bitch says with her stupid whiney attitude voice “do you have a problem with making my water over there?” I told her no, I was just wondering. She gets her food and takes the damn manager aside to bitch about me like I can’t fucking tell she’s whining about me. Dumb ass fucking bitch. She said I wouldn’t make her water and I just gave her the cup which is lie because obviously I made the fucking water for her. She said that when I went to make it I was laughing at her. Um Okay. Anyone who was up there when the incident (that shouldn’t even be a motherfucking incident but some people just have to pitch a fit over stupid shit) happened said that I didn’t laugh or anything.

So yeah. Thanks for telling on me like a little five year old you god damn cunt.

By the way, water is fucking free! You are bitching because “no one will make” your drink that you didn’t even pay for? Okay. You have some serious mental problems. Do the world a favor and crawl into a ditch somewhere.

Fuck you very much.



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