Water Bitch Follow Up

This isn’t THE post for the night but I just wanted to follow up on my last post.

Apparently the lady that I had an issue with earlier this week is a regular. And she’s had the same argument with one of the managers as well. So it’s not just me, she’s actually fucking nuts.

I know I went insane in my last post and I will not apologize. And I did mean everything I said about her. But I don’t want you thinking that I’m just causing myself problems by making a big deal over making her water for her. It really is the principle of the matter. Why do I have to make her drink and not everyone else’s? It’s self serve for a reason.

Anyway, I’m in a much better mood knowing that I was certainly not at fault for questioning her. Now if there was only a way to get her to stop fucking coming back …

Well. Stay tuned for tonight’s post.


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