My Name is Jessi and I’m Addicted to Earrings

Dear God what have I done?

I decided the best way to get myself to actually hard core clean my room is to attempt to do it section by section.

And you know you have a problem when the you say “the section I will start with is earrings.” Not the whole dresser, not even just jewelry. Earrings.

It’s even worse when that is your whole night. Literally that’s what I ended up doing with my night. Luckily for me it was something I could do while watching TV.
After awhile I figure out there’s no way I’m putting everything back in my jewelry box so they can get broken. I ended up having to go out for a earring rack.
So here’s what it looked like when I emptied my jewelry box.


And this is after I organized them.


That’s just my dangling ones. That doesn’t count studs, horseshoe barbells, small hoops, and fake earrings. And you know what the sad thing is? I’m probably going buy more earrings without giving it a second thought.

I think I have a problem.

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2 thoughts on “My Name is Jessi and I’m Addicted to Earrings

  1. You can never have enough pairs of earrings and this is a lovely way to display them. I love earrings but the problem is if you are wearing them you can not see them but if you have them displayed like this you can see all your lovely jewellery designs at the same time.


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