Photoshop Magic: General Lee

Earlier today I posted a before and after shot of my dad driving in the General Lee and said I would do a tutorial on how I acheived that look. As promised, here it is.  *This tutorial does require some basic knowledge of Photoshop tools and filters.*

First I imported the image in Lightroom. I only do this because I like using Lightroom to adjust contrast and vibrance opposed to Photoshop. I will do this at the end.


 From Lightroom I opened a copy in Photoshop.


I used the Clone Stamp Tool to get rid of the spots that don’t look nice. Such as the flash spot.


To use the clone stamp tool, alt-click on the part of the image you wish to clone. And the paint over the part  you wish to hide. It takes a little while to get used to how it works. But here’s how mine looked when I finished.


Then I touched up the flash spot from the background by using the Burn tool. I used the Smudge tool to make the background reflection in the car to look like it was motioned blurred.


I selected the car carefully and inverted the selection (ctrl+shift+I).  I like to use the quick selection to get most of it and the touch it up with the quick mask process.


The applied a motion blur filter. I set it to 151 pixels.


I repeated the exact same step to the background that can be seen in the other windows.

Then I selected the tire only and applied a radial blur of 32. I did the same for the hubcap. I did this separately because it just looks better.


I saved this and switched back to my Lightroom window. The copy I made showed up and I opened the Develop screen.


I adjusted the contrast and vibrance until the color looked nice.



I used the red eye correction tool to get rid of the demon eyes.
Then I exported the finished product with my watermark and called it a day!


And that’s how I brought that image to life! Hopefully this was a little helpful if you’re trying to make a car look like it’s moving or something like that!

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