I get it, I get it. Breeds with aggressive natures are considered a liability issue for a building owner and therefore should be nipped in the bud before anything can happen.

But I am just so sick and tired of breed banning in apartment buildings. Eva is a mixed breed. She has German Shepard in her and Golden Retriever. And you can tell by looking at her that she has Rottweiler in her too. But she is also the sweetest thing. But we can’t find a place to live just because she is those breeds and weighs more than 30 pounds.

I wish owners would just meet the pet before deciding they can’t live there. And before you say the reason they ban all dogs to make it fair for everyone, I don’t fucking buy it. Yes people can say “oh why is their dog allowed but mine isn’t” but if they’re really going to argue against the fact that their dog is aggressive, but mine isn’t, they’re too stupid to function.

This experience has proven to be nothing but stressful, but I love Eva and really want her to be able to move out with us.  She may not be my dog, but she’s James’s dog and therefore feels like my family too. So I want us to be a little family and I want her to come with us.

Stop being lameasses, apartment owners, and let us bring our dog. 😦

Sorry for the rant instead of a real post, this week has just been really hectic and filled with searching, cleaning, and working.

I’m going to film What’s In My Camera Bag for next week because I’ve been promising that post and I think it would be easier to just make it a video.

Thanks for listening.. er reading.

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