Ramen Doctor Up: Oriental Flavor

Ramen Doctor Up: Oriental Flavor

So, I decided to do something I haven’t done in a little while, and that’s talk about food!

As I might have mentioned, I don’t have a lot of money and so I like to buy cheap college student meals and one of the favorites, of course, is Ramen noodles! I have it fairly often so I never like to make it the same way twice! A lot of my Ramen doctor-ups can be similar but I’m always attempting something different. I like to take seasonings or veggies and various things like that to compliment whatever flavor I choose.

So tonight I’ll show you what I did with my oriental flavored ramen package.

After the water boils I like to let my noodles have a chance to seperate so I actually leave the noodles for a sec while I gather my ingredients. This time I added peas and carrots (because I was thinking of snow peas and baby carrots, often found in Asian dishes. However I do not have those so just frozen peas and carrots and some green beans went into this mix) with the noodles so they’d have more of a chance to cook. I only added a handful of these and to be honest, it was too much. So, just a sprinkle, okay? Then I stirred in the flavor package. I poured in some soy sauce and then I added a little bit of curry powder and thyme (really because  I have fresh thyme that I wanted to use) and waited for it to finish cooking. I scooped the noodles into a bowl and I drained about half the liquid because all the good stuff sunk to the bottom. Then I drizzled the remainder unto the noodles and sprinkled ground red pepper on top!


I really think this turned out great!

Comment and let me know what you think if you try this out! What would you add to this to make it better?

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