Project Break the Brand

I have a strange issue with continuity and balance.

For an example of balance, I wear the same amount of jewelry on both sides of my body. I have two bracelets on my left arm? Well I *must* have two bracelets on my right arm too. I have to have the same amount of hoops and studs in each ear.

As for continuity, I don’t like to mix brands. I use Herbal Essences everything. Not necessarily because I don’t like anything else, but because I can’t simply use a different brand of mousse or various styling products than my shampoo and conditioner. I only use e.l.f. make up.  I only use Clean & Clear for my face. I do not like to mix the brands I use.

The problem with at least one of these little quirks is that eventually all that name brand crap is going to add up and I’m moving out soon and won’t be able to afford to be like that!

So I am challenging myself to change. I decided to use my hair as the challenge.  (as e.l.f. make up is already cheap, and great in my opinion, I didn’t feel the need to change that)
I figure testing out various shampoos and conditioner brands to see which one will give me the results I like at a better value now will be helpful later on. Along with just buying whatever styling products work best for me while still getting the most bang for my buck. I’m trying to concentrate more on the price tag (along with the quality) than “oh, hey look this is herbal essences, so I’ll buy it.”
So far, I have used Suave Professionals because they’re the cheapest and already I’m okay with the results. I tried the dry shampoo and I don’t really dig it so I might see if Garnier’s dry shampoo is any better.
And one thing I’m predicting that I am going to stick to is Herbal Essence’s  Smoothing Serum, which I adore. Also, I predict that I will do away with their Split-End Leave in Treatment. (I’ll save product reviews for when I reach my conclusion about what I like.) But here are the products I’m looking into replacing, or at least testing out.  Dry shampoo,  leave-in conditioner for the days I don’t wash my hair, some sort of anti-frizz product, and mousse.

Now, I know that some of the products mentioned here are not like, the best thing for your hair. But I can’t afford salon style products, it’s simply not something I’m willing to budget. I’m just looking for drugstore products that work best for me and my hair. 

So, join me and check back once in awhile if you’re interested in my experiment. I’ll keep you updated as I go.  And if you have any suggestions for things I should try, please leave a comment! I’m not an expert and I’d love to hear ideas about what I can use!
And be prepared for a little bit more frequent blogging at least for a little while. I have quite a few ideas for you guys, along with a couple photo shoots coming up. So stay tuned! 🙂

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