My Role Models

As I mentioned before, I’m finally moving up at my job. I’m currently working on completing a workbook which challenges my ability to become a trainer.

The first question it asks me is who “Who are your role models?
It doesn’t ask me to explain my answers and I kind of would like to.

My biggest role model in my life is my dad. There was a time in my life where we didn’t get along the best that we could but now we’re closer than ever.
I went through kind of a self-destructive time, but when I saw how truly hurt he was I managed to turn myself in the right direction. One of my biggest passions, music, can be attributed to my dad raising me on all sorts of different styles of music and by being the only one willing to be open to new and upcoming music I was into as well.
I would never truly be who I am today without him and for that I am eternally grateful because I would never want to be anybody else.

Another huge role model in my life is my boyfriend’s older sister, Sandra. First of all, even though I’ve always kind of wanted to be a photographer, I never realized my dream until I met her and learned so much about photography, another one of my huge passions.
And since I’ve always wanted an older sibling, she’s been the best big sister anyone could ask for.  From being there with sisterly advice when it really counted to just hanging out and having fun, I’m super happy she’s been in my life.

I love you guys very much!




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