Delicious Desserts!

On Saturday my friend Tiffany and I braved the chilling Chicago wind and had a girl’s day in the city.  Our mission was to eat at this fancy dessert place called Vanille Pastisserie which has two locations in Chicago. So if you’re ever visiting, you simply must check them out!

They’re so pretty I almost didn’t want to eat them, but I’m glad I did because they are super delicious too! I did take pictures of these gorgeous treats before devouring them.

Once again, if you’re ever in Chicago looking for some fantastic desserts, definitely stop in because they were fabulous! The prices aren’t too bad either. I think I paid less than six dollars for the red one in the picture. Which is called Rose. And is raspberry. Yum!

Stay tuned, especially the ladies, because while we were on our adventure I learned about a style that I would really like to try pulling off and I want to talk about that next time!

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