Ramen Doctor Up: Picante Beef

Dressing up my Ramen noodles to make them more delicious is serious business.
But I’m going to do this super quick because I’m typing on my tablet.
I made this

the other night. (I apologize for the crappy quality image. I took this with the camera on my mp3 player)
It is the Picante Beef flavor. I added a frozen pepper and onion mixture in with the noodles. There’s also a mesquite bbq seasoning, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning in there.
I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese in top as well. But, protip, don’t do that while the water is still boiling. Unless you like curdled cheese. Seriously. Bad idea.

Other than that little mishap it turned out pretty great.
Would make again!

Once again, let me know if you try this or have ideas for Ramen Doctor Ups I can try. And let me know how it is without the curdled cheese…
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