Move-Out Update

I know I haven’t done anything of interest this week yet. As I mentioned before I was afraid I was making this blog too girly so I kind of wanted to do something else next time I post. Sadly I haven’t done anything exciting. With Christmas coming up and still the apartment search going on I’ve had a lot to do. So I haven’t had much time to spend thinking about another post yet. Hopefully after the holidays, things will subside a little and I’ll have more to show you.

Right now I just wanted to update a bit on my life and more so how the apartment search is going because I don’t think I talked about that in awhile. A long while in fact.

The first time I really mentioned it I was saying that Tara and I were looking for a place and originally James was supposed to come with us. But he felt unstable with getting his new job so he decided to stay behind. Well, once he figured out that he would be making more and everything he was back on board. But we hadn’t been able to find a place that allows large dogs.
After a lot of thinking and talking through it he decided to leave Eva with his parents. He works so close to their home that he can visit on lunch breaks and after work so he can see her very often. It’s not the same but we’re saving up to buy a house in two years time so he’ll be reunited with her then. I feel sad about that  for him but at the same thing I’m a little relieved. I was starting to have some major anxieties about moving out, about whether or not I would be able to handle being on my own. And the more I thought about having to leave Bonnie behind (my family won’t let me take her because she’s the family dog, not mine) the more depressed I became about it.  Having him there makes me feel better about everything, aside from having to leave the dogs.

And on to details about the actual search itself. When Tara and I were looking on our own, the first place we toured was the one we really wanted to move to. It was affordable (840 for a small and 870 for a large) for a two bedroom, it included a fitness center, a pool, a clubhouse you can use for free for parties, on-site laundry, really nice neighborhood. Closer to work for her and really only a minute or two farther for me. (We work together, by the way, so we can carpool sometimes if our schedule is the same) Well, when we went back to fill out the paperwork they told us that the prices they said earlier were only if you qualify for some discount they were doing based on your income. For us it would be 920 or 960 depending on the size. And we can’t afford that. So we had to walk. Because we were so dead-set on going there we didn’t really explore other options. So we both were feeling stressed about having to go back to square one. But we still have time. Her lease is up at the end of next month so we just needed to look more.

Yesterday we went to look at another place.  This time it was after James decided to jump back in so we can afford a little bit more now that there’s three of us.  The one we looked at was farther from his work (but he likes driving and doesn’t mind) and a lot closer to work for Tara and I. Like… literally in the same town. And actually if we transferred to our second location in town we’d be right next door. It would be $885 for the one that is available, no crazy hidden discounts that we should worry about, allows cats so Tara can bring her cat, has a slightly smaller pet deposit than the last place we checked and no additional pet rent (unlike the other place). So far I like it a lot better too. The rooms are a little smaller I think but the bathroom and the kitchen are much bigger. The master bedroom, in lieu of a giant walk in closest, has two normal sized closet. Which is perfect. One for me and one for James. The bathroom already has a linen closet inside. And there’s two closets by the door. Which is also perfect. Because Tara was worried about having space for her comic books. So I figure she can just have one of the closets in the living room and the other one can be for coats and shoes and some cleaning stuff maybe. Instead of the laundry room being in the rental office like the other one, there’s a laundry room in each building. Which I love. The other complex was huge which means if we lived far enough I would probably have lug my stuff out and even drive over there.
There’s no fitness center or clubhouse but there’s still a pool, which I’m excited about.

But of course, it could be too good to be true like the other place was so I need to simmer down and we still need to keep our options open!

But I’m starting to feel good about everything again, which for the past month has not been the case. Now I can just relax for a bit and enjoy the holidays.

I was thinking about doing a poll for those of you who actually do follow me to see what I should do next post-wise. I feel like my most popular posts have been my beauty ones and my ramen doctor ups. With photography being a straggling third. So, what do you guys like and want to see more of?

And also, would you be interested in a “What I got for Christmas” sort of haul/photoblog thing? I might do that regardless of the feedback.

But anyway, sorry for rambling so much. I just needed to get that off my chest!

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