Christmas Haul

Hey everyone!

I’m here to show you some of the things I got for Christmas from my awesome family and friends!

I meant to take real photos and edit and all that jazz. But I had a lot going on over the weekend. And yesterday I was so exhausted after work I slept right after I got home. On and off all the way til I had to get up this morning.

So I do have some pictures of things that I took with my phone.

Anyway, here we go.

First I had my family party on Saturday. My cousin got me a spare battery for my mp3 player, a trackpad decal for my computer of the soot guy from Spirited Away:


and brushes from e.l.f!


That was a 12 piece set and I love them! They really pick up way more than my ecotools brushes do and I’ve gotten so much better at blending now that I actually have a blending brush!

Tiffany got me some earrings. And anyone who knows me, knows that I apply my lack of love for shoes (that most girls have) to a distinct love of earrings. Some of them are rainbow, which I sometimes say is my favorite color because I love all colors. And I love the star motif.  My favorite set of earrings I have are stars, I love stars.


I got a ton of kitchen stuff between James and I. My mom got me some pots and pans and some cookies sheets. IMG_20131225_104718

We also got a pastry board, a pizza cutter, an ice scream scoop, a garlic press, a rice cooker, a cupcake and waffle maker,  and some Trader Joe’s sea salts.

My mom and dad also got me a sewing kit. And a Diablo 3 Calendar.  And a Hello Kitty bathrobe. So comfy!


My sister got me this awesome bracelet:


Along with a gift card for Target.

And then my friend Barry got me a Doctor Who ice cube tray. It makes Daleks and TARDIS’s. You can’t see it but this is a TARDIS.. IMG_20131224_201057

From Sandy I got a mini tripod, perfect for shooting my jewelry on a table or little things. And some Doctor Who socks.

And James got me a 23.6 inch monitor for editing photos. So now I have a nice little dual monitor thing going on, something I’ve been wanting for awhile.. and my parents got me a corner desk I’ve been looking at. Perfect for my computer set up.

Then, Bath & Body Works ran a sale the day after Christmas. So I got myself a few things too.


That middle one, Vanilla Bean Noel? So freaking amazing. I smell like Starbucks when I wash myself with that!

So that’s my haul. I don’t think I missed anything… but I could have.  I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! AND have a Happy New Year!

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