Other Snippets – Stuff I Like

Hey everyone.

As much as I like to blog, I love to read blogs as well. I like to collect and save things to read later.  So I have a few to share today.

I’ll start with the geeky one.  This is something I thought was super cute, being a huge Pokemon fan. This guy made up his own words to the Pokemon theme song as a marriage proposal to his girlfriend. He then pulled out a pokeball with a ring and said “I choose you, will you marry me?”
He posted his song lyrics in this article…
Some of you may know already but my name is Jessi and my boyfriend is James. And together we are Team Rocket. So this is simply fantastic to me!

Pokemon Proposal

Next some photography related stuff! Of course.

This one has a tutorial on how to make cinemagraphs. I LOVE these and I really want to make one. I’ve read this but haven’t evolved to following the steps just yet. One day I’ll make them. And I’ll show you!

How To Make Cinemagraphs

The next one is something Tiffany sent me. It has tips for self-portraits, particularly for outfit of the day shots and things like that. I’m super excited that I’ve picked up some tricks that I can use in my own photography. And I can definitely use the help with future Outfit of the Day posts!

Outfit Photo Tips

The next one is a post from a favorite charity of mine called “To Write Love on Her Arms” and it’s a photographer who jumped out of his comfort zone to get some truly stunning self-portraits! I love this because he showed me that even if you struggle with anxiety issues you can still achieve your goals! It’s definitely something I have a hard time with when it comes to photographing people. I’m always afraid to put myself out there because failure is a devastating idea to me. Sometimes it’s nice to know about people who are just like me.

Kyle Thompson

On a similar note, it’s on to the introvert posts. I found a couple articles about people,  like myself, with introverted personalities. The first one is kind of about identifying yourself as an introvert.
23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert

And the other one is about common misconceptions about people with introverted personalities.
10 Myths About Introverts

I really liked these, especially the first one because I can completely relate to them. I felt that a very large percentage of things on that list of 23 applied to me. It’s pretty dead on, so check it out if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Lastly I just have a few YouTube videos to show.  This first one is from Animalist. I first started watching because one of my favorite YouTubers, Catie Wayne, is a host on this channel. But I went through some of the older videos from before she started there. I was super interested in this one, which talks about that crazy song, What Does the Fox Say… and tells you what the fox legitimately says. I love it!

Last I wanted to share another one of my favorite YouTubers and that is grav3yardgirl. I’ve been watching a lot of her videos for the past few months and realized she has a similar taste in style to me. And after watching more and more of her videos I learned she started her channel because of anxiety issues and to give herself an outlet. So I love learning about clothes and make up from her and also getting that feeling that I’m not alone.

So those are some of the things I stumbled upon that I really like. Hope you enjoy them too.

I wanted to get started on shooting my giant loot from my shopping spree with Tiffany the other day. But my dog Bonnie, who’s afraid of cameras, has been acting really strange and scared today and I don’t want to freak her out.  I do plan on doing that though, if I can keep her out of my room.

Anyway, til then…

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