Ramen Doctor Up: Honey BBQ Chicken

Whenever I’m eating a doctored up Ramen that I made I always think “I should blog about that” and it’s usually after I’ve already started eating it. Then I take a crappy photo of it with my phone or mp3 player because my camera isn’t at my disposal. This time I ate it all before thinking of blogging about it so I have no pictures at all. But it was yummy and worth sharing.

So I took the chicken flavored Ramen package and started cooking my noodles. I added a pinch of my dehydrated garlic and onions. Did you ever see these things?

They’re perfect. They taste good and you don’t have to let your fresh stuff go bad if you’re like me and don’t cook very often. It’s not a direct replacement for the real thing but way better than the powdered stuff.

Anyway, I added those until the noodles were separated. Then I added the chicken flavor package. The only seasoning I added was something called Montreal Chicken, but I don’t think it made much of a difference. Now, usually Ramen is supposed to be more of a soup. But for this you’re going to want to drain the water. Just trust me. You don’t want that water. Because the next thing I added was Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey BBQ sauce. (You can add whatever BBQ sauce you like, that’s just my favorite brand) I didn’t add a lot. Just a few little squirts will do. Mix it all up and that’s it!

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