How I Became an Archer (In Gaming, Anyway)

One of my favorite memories of my first tabletop RPG comes to mind very often. It was a Wheel of Time campaign and we were in battle.  I was playing a ranger and something attacked me. My friend Dan, yelled “Hey, don’t fuck with our archer!” and kicked the shit out of whatever it was.  I’m usually the archer. That’s just what I’m comfortable with.

I was just reminded of how it all began.

I was reading a thread on Reddit about why people hate the hunter class in World of Warcraft. Someone pointed out that usually people who play hunters are not that good because it’s typically what guys will get their girlfriends to play because they can have a cute pet and they’re really easy to play. And I thought to myself… huh… that’s how I started playing. My boyfriend at the time was playing and told me about how hunters can have a pet. And I wanted a pet!  But since you have to get to level 10 before you can get one, I got hooked by then. Since then the class has been watered down a lot. In fact, you start with a pet automatically now, if memory serves me correctly. So, I can see how that’s probably more true now than it was before.

But now, archers are just kind of my staple. WoW was the first game I played seriously (besides Pokemon) and now every time I choose a character I tend to lean towards archers.
So yeah, just wanted to share a small background there.  Even though it was a total superficial reason, that’s what sparked my love for games. And even though I’d consider myself as more of a casual gamer, gaming still plays a huge role in my life. If it wasn’t for gaming I wouldn’t have the amazing friends I have now and I wouldn’t have James. ♥

I’ve been missing gaming a bit lately so I’m starting to get back into it. So hopefully you’ll see a bit more Gamerz Corner posts from now on. I don’t know what exactly to talk about. Perhaps screencaps of games I’m playing. I will be posting when my friend Matt streams whenever possible. You can check out his past broadcasts here. And maybe game reviews? I don’t know because I’m probably not experienced enough to talk about that? I’m sure I’ll figure out something to put in Gamerz Corner.

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