Food & Games!

Well, I have a few ideas and updates and what not.

One thing, I’ve been informed that my friend who does the gaming streams does his streams on Wednesday and Thursday. So if you’ve been wanting to tune in those are the days to do it. It’ll usually start anywhere between 5-7pm (central) and go until whenever he feels like going. Then once in awhile there will be random streams that he’ll decide to do which I can inform you of if you follow my Twitter.
His Channel Here.

Next, some recipes. I wanted to start adding recipes pretty often now that James and I have been cooking more often.  The next Om Nom Hour segment I post will probably be a short collection of various chicken recipes. I don’t know exactly when I’ll be doing that but once I get them together I will.

SO yeah, just a quick update there. Gonna play some D3 now.

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