Baby Steps, Little Goals

I get into little random kicks sometimes where I feel like I should start being healthier. I should diet and exercise and such. But whenever I make that resolve I get bored or annoyed trying to keep up with it and never stick with it longer than a week. So I decided to make this all a long term goal. I can take baby steps and little by little  take better care of myself.

To start, I am trying to just drink more water. I rarely drink pop to begin with but the problem is that I don’t really drink much of anything at all. So far I’ve kept up with it for more than a week. So my next goal is to start going to the gym. It quickly becomes a chore to do it all the time so I’m starting with something small. Like, maybe I can go to the gym once a week for a little while and then bump it up from there.

My last goal for now that I want to attempt simultaneously is to actually eat breakfast in the morning. I have a work schedule that’s all over the place and on days that I start in the afternoon I tend to eat before I go.  But on days when I start early in the morning I never do. The problem is that I can never eat that early. Like physically I can’t. I feel sick while doing so or afterwards. But I need to start taking vitamins and I need something in my stomach to do so. I was thinking I should start making smoothies for those days. Then I can have at least a little something.

So those are some goals I’m working on. I’m not trying to cut out junk food and such but I’m working towards having a better balance!


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