Bok Bok! Chicken!

As promised, I’ve collected a few recipes for chicken from various places to post here! 🙂

Chicken Teriyaki

First one that isn’t ours, James found it online. We’ve been wanting to perfect this Teriyaki since we got a really delicious one from a Chinese restaurant.
Instead of copying the instructions I’m just going to post this here.

Our suggestion is to double everything in the sauce except for the ginger and the onion.  We’ve made it twice so far. If you follow the recipe the sauce cooks down a lot and it dries out a bit. If you double it like we did the second time it the onion and ginger will overpower everything. So we’ll be trying it again with less ginger and onion but more of everything else.

Honey Dijon & Peach Marinade

For this one we used this recipe on as a basis for what we were doing and modified it a lot.  We also used our homemade canned honey peaches for this. So to make this recipe you will either need to follow it with the apricot jam or you’ll need to make the peaches too. But basically we followed this recipe, replacing the apricot jam with our peaches and omitting the curry powder because his mom is allergic.  I will post an update on my twitter when I make again with the curry powder.

Breaded Chicken 

This one is super simple and super unhealthy from James’s mom. There’s really no exact science to it.  Here are the ingredients:

Bread Crumbs

You fill each ingredient into 4 separate small bowls (one for each). And you can add seasonings to the bread crumb bowl if it doesn’t have any already, whatever you like is fine. You dip your chicken into each bowl, covering generously in the order listed above. Then you pan fry it in butter until fully cooked.
You can even cut the chicken up and make little nuggets this way. You will not need dipping sauce. It is amazing as is.

Thyme, Lemon, and Bay Chicken

And this last one is really more of a product suggestion than an actual recipe. We just cooked up some simple chicken with rice one day and this stuff came in handy. We got this set of sea salt grinders for Christmas from his brother-in-law. They come with different spices and seasonings mixed in with sea salt that you can add to your recipes. We used this once specifically to season the chicken and just pan fried it with a little bit of olive oil. That’s all there is to it. So these are great for really quick dinners!

If you haven’t already you should check these out. My favorite is the garlic and chili one! Be careful though because it does have salt in it and it’s really easy to get carried away and over-salt things!

And that’s it for the chicken recipes! The best part is once you have all the ingredients they’ll last awhile so you can keep making them and perfecting them!

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