Is That You?

I know I’ve been away for awhile. And I really don’t have a valid reason why. I’ve simply been lazy. A little busy, but mostly lazy.

So I did come up with a couple things to talk about that week I was staying at my parents’ house and then a few more after that. And I’m going to try and get to them all soon. Before I list what they are I wanted to show you something!

For the first in the history of my entire life… I have dyed my hair! Whoa!! My friend from work has her cosmetology license so she helped me pick a color that was close to my red wig but still acceptable for work. Now if you don’t remember the wig I talked about:


So it’s a really bright red. Almost with a pinkish tint if you’re looking at it in person. Not an acceptable color for work (which is something I’m probably going to post about).

She picked a color that was more of a brownish red and so far I haven’t gotten into trouble at work for it, so I’m going to assume it’s okay. Anyway, she did before and after shots on her phone.


So, she seemed pretty excited to do my first ever hair color and I’m really excited about how well she did. I LOVE how it turned out and I think I’ll be doing this color for awhile!

I might still wear the wig once in awhile because I’m totally jealous of its curls. The last time I curled my hair:


it fell flat after like 20 minutes.. And that’s with mousse and spray gel and all that.

But anyway, just wanted show off the new hair and now I’ll talk about some things that will be coming up.

First of all, I promised a Pokemon White Adventure Journal and that will come. The first one I do is probably going to just be a summary of what I’ve done so far since I didn’t really document anything I’ve done. But from then on I’ll probably document by each gym or area or something like that.

Next while I was at my parents’ house I was using my bag of travel items that I got so I figured I might do a travel bag post. I need to update said bag, but I’ll talk about what I had and what I plan to get. I love travel sized items… so cute.  Look at this adorable tiny clothspin:



And then I wanted to do a rant about dyed hair and other various things that are not allowed in workplace settings. Because F%#$ that.
Also, I realized it’s been awhile since my last update of Project Break the Brand.  I’ve mostly decided on what I’m using on my hair from now on but once in awhile I’ll see new things I want to try.

Lastly, now that the weather’s getting a little better, my awesome friends are starting their sparring sessions again. And of course, I’ll be shooting! That along with Roller Derby starting back up again will be cause for more photography related posts!

So I think that about sums it up, hopefully I get my act together and actually work on all these things. I also want to start remembering to photograph my outfits so I can do more outfit of the day posts.

I better get started on some of these.

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One thought on “Is That You?

  1. Tiffany says:

    It looks good!
    I mean it’s acceptable.


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