Stuff and Things

Well, these past few weeks have been super busy. Between Mudderella, family issues, getting ready for my best friend’s wedding, and a camping trip coming up, I have not had time for anything! Even now I’m typing this quick update on my tablet on my break at work because I really wanted to have SOME sort of post. I did start putting together a post, but I never finished it. And I’ve decided not to. I was attempting to review various Garnier products that I was trying out, but ultimately I decided not to use them anymore. Something I was using ended up making my hair feel really greasy and I don’t know which one. I want to take better care of my hair so I’ve been thinking about have my hair stylist friend from work help me pick out some products. I have to see if it’s in the budget. If it’s not, I’ll be making a lot of cuts to my current routine. Either way I can do a post about what I am using. I do have some photos lined up for Photo of the Week. So I’ll try and post a couple weeks worth of photos in my next post about that.

So that’s all the time I have for today. I’ll definitely try to make a post tomorrow, but if I don’t I won’t be able to until Tuesday.


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