Photo Craze

Things are finally looking up career-wise for me!

In February, I’ll be second-shooting a wedding. It’s my first paid shoot that I have lined up so I’m really excited. And it helps that I’ll only be a second shooter, so it takes some of the stress off me. My old boss also asked me to shoot some engagement photos for him and his fiance, but I don’t have to many details about that yet. I’m definitely honored that he chose me though.

Meanwhile, I sent in my resume to Lifetouch School Studio and I actually heard back from them. So tomorrow I will call them back and see if I will be setting up an interview.

Over the next couple days, I’ll be working hard on my portfolio. I do have a website at but I think I will be taking it down as all I receive as comments are spam. It’ll just be better to have something mobile and easy I can bring with me and show on interviews.

I’m really hoping all my volunteer work I did for Illiana Derby Dames and for friends pays off.

So, I have a lot to work on right now, but I did want to pop in and share the news I’m really happy about!

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