Beauty, Life, and The Fate of This Blog

Man, I am just the worst. HOW do I even have followers?
I mean sometimes I’ve been pretty busy, but a lot of the times I’m just lazy. I mean, there’s been times I simply don’t have anything to blog about. But I need to try harder.

I’ve been thinking about if I seriously want to keep this blog because I feel that I’m just consistently making excuses for not writing in long time. I decided I do. I like blogging, I like it a lot. I wish I was a better photographer and writer because I would photoblog all the things all the days if I could.

I just can’t promise a consistent schedule for my posts. But if you follow me, you don’t need to unsubscribe for lack of activity.  I will be here. Just not as often as I promise every single time I come here. I’m done promising “I’ll post soon, I’ll post this day, I’ll write about this soon” because I never follow through.

With that being said, I DO have something to write about. I have been trying out some professional hair products so I can start replacing all my drugstore brands. So I wanted to talk about some of the things I’ve tried so far and how I like them.
I figured if anyone else out there is thinking of giving their hair some extra TLC, it would be a good guide for starting out. I don’t know everything there is to know about professional hair care, but I do know that stuff is expensive and it’s hard to let go of precious hard earned money on things when you’re not sure how they’ll work for you.

I had a leg up because I have a friend who does hair so I have at least heard some brands.  I went to Ulta where I could get small sample sized products for relatively cheap. But they don’t have that available for every product and sometimes even the smaller bottles were on the pricey end so I had to take a chance on at least one thing.
My goal was to get something I can put in my hair after I wash it to prevent frizzies, some sort of everyday serum for extra shine and smoothing, and possibly a hair spray or mousse, if budget allowed. I also have already  replaced my shampoo and conditioner. And I’ve already tried a couple things my roommate had. So let’s get into the list.

My roommate has a couple things in the bathroom that she let me try. She got them from our hairstylist friend I’ve mentioned.  Like,

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave In Product. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this and I really wanted to test it out. It’s supposed to pretty much do everything in one. It tames frizz, adds shine, acts as a heat protection, conditions, etc. Honestly when I used it, I didn’t notice a difference. It’s super expensive stuff so I really don’t see myself buying it.

Rusk Being Sexy Argon Oil. Just work a couple pumps of this stuff through your hair, style, and you’re good to go. I loved the way this stuff made my hair feel. I don’t know if they make this stuff anymore since I haven’t been able to find anything from that line.

She also has this stuff from the same brand and line that is for curl scrunching. I  haven’t used it but whenever she does her hair looks fantastic. So with that, I decided to venture off and find my own things to try. I picked up the giant bottles of shampoo and conditioner since they were on sale.

I got the Matrix Biolage ColorLast formula. I tried the samples of that and decided to buy a full size since my hair definitely felt a lot better when I used that. I can’t say for certain how well it works for shielding color as I haven’t done that many washes since getting it touched up. But it’s an approved brand by Sam, so that’s good enough for me. She talks up Matrix products a lot so I decided to try…

Matrix Biolage SmoothProof Serum. I was looking for an argon oil but I really liked what it said it does for frizz and flyaways. They didn’t have anything other than the regular size bottle which is 3 oz and it was $16. So this is one that I had to take my chances on. I used it right away and my hair felt amazing for the rest of the day. My next test is how far that bottle will go with everyday use. If it lasts a long time, it will definitely be worth repurchasing.

Rusk w8less Multi 12 in 1 Miracle Treatment. To be fair, I haven’t actually tried this yet. But I like the brand a lot. It’s supposed to do the same things that It’s A 10 stuff does but I’m figuring I might like this one better. Will update on my Twitter about that.

Rusk w8less Hairspray. Great hairspray. I only used it in my bangs because they were doing whatever they want. But it managed to keep them in place without making my hair feel crunchy. I don’t think I would recommend it for super intricate hairstyles that require more hold. But they do have an extra strong hold one as well.

That’s all I ended up getting. If all this stuff works out long term, I might end up repurchasing them.  I may want to look into a dry shampoo one day, but I don’t even know if those are completely necessary. I’ve always like the concept of them but I haven’t found one I like at all.

But anyway, if I try more things I’ll update. One day.

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