Instant Gratification

Have you ever tried a product and found out you really liked it almost immediately?

This has been happening a lot for me lately. I’m starting to wonder if everything I’ve used in the past just really sucks that much…

At any rate, I just wanted to lightly discuss some of those products that gave me instant gratification.
The first one being kind of a set: Revlon Photoready Concealer and Powder. My e.l.f. ones I’ve been using started to run out. I like them but I was starting to notice they didn’t really match my skin tone. I use the palest ones because I have very fair skin. And they almost seem kind of yellow. There’s not too many options for color so I  wanted to try something else. I picked up the Revlon ones and instantly liked them way better. For one thing, the color matches my skin tone a lot better. The concealer just glides on so much better and isn’t clumpy. The powder kicks up more dust but feels much smoother on my skin. I’m sure there’s better make up in the world… but I simply can’t afford that stuff. Nor do I love the general concept of make up enough for it to be worth THAT much to me.
The next thing is a hair product I tried tonight. As I mentioned before I love the concept of dry shampoo but I’ve hated every single one I’ve tried. Tonight I decided to get the Redken Pillow Proof – Two Day Extender. I don’t know if it was just that jump from drugstore to professional that made it so much better, but my goodness this stuff is amazing. It really gives your hair a fresher, clean feeling because it’s absorbing some oil, so you’re good to go between washings. It does have a strange minty scent to it that I’m not sure I’m particular fond of. It’s not overly pungent or anything, it’s just strange. I think my  biggest problem with every dry shampoo I’ve tried is they always seem to leave a residue no matter how much you comb through or rub it in. And to me, they end up making my hair feel greasier than it was before it started which completely defeats the purpose of even using it. This one is not like that at all and I will DEFINITELY be upgrading to the full size bottle as soon as I run out of the sample. I am so happy with it.

So I seriously would recommend anyone to give these products a try, most particularly the dry shampoo. Anyone else have a product that blew your mind instantaneously?

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