A Lesson in Appropriate-ness

Because I feel like some people need it.

The reason I started this blog was not talk about my feelings, but to talk about things that are interesting to me. But there has been something annoying the crap out of me lately so I’m going to go ahead and rant.

I’m not about putting people on blast via the Internet, in fact, I’m not about confrontation in general. But fuck it. The person this is directed to has no tact, so I really don’t feel the need to have any either. The person this is directed to probably won’t see this. But if you do happen upon this… and you have to think to yourself “I wonder if this is about me?” it probably is.

I know you’ve said, you love PDA (public display of affection) and don’t feel the need to censor yourself. But let me take your hand and walk you through human decency.
Kissing your significant other in public is okay. Saying “I love you” in public is okay. Hugging in public is okay.

You know what’s not okay?

Talking about how horny you are or other various sexual situations on Facebook and then TAGGING your significant other so their family can see it.

See the difference? Any questions?
…. oh, you say you can post whatever you want on your Facebook and if I don’t like it I can unfollow/unfriend you?

Sure, you can talk about whatever you want on your Facebook. And sure, I can unfriend you. But that doesn’t stop your posts from showing up on my family member’s feed where I can see it, and that doesn’t make it any less disrespectful.

And before you go and add to your collection of 1 billion status updates that boil down to “people need to mind their own business” STOP fucking posting YOUR business all over Facebook.

Keep your hormones between you and your significant other, and don’t subject the rest of your friends and family to them. Especially when your significant other is my baby sister.

Mmkay? Thanks.  Bye.

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