My Hair Journey Continues

So I’ve finally cleared out everything put I used to put in my hair and replace them with professional hair care products. I’ve still been on a quest for a couple more things and I’ve still been trying new things out to see what works for me.

So, I do have a couple more things to talk about.

First up… Rusk Wired Styling Cream.


Hair-0043I’ve been trying to use this stuff in various situations to see how it works for me. So far, I would say it’s best for applying before attempting a hairstyle that needs some body. In my case it’s pretty much anything, as my hair is very flat.  I wouldn’t say this product actually has any real hold, but more so that it adds a nice texture for styling with. So I would totally recommend it in place of a wax if your hair is too clean for styling. And if you have naturally curly hair, this would be really great for scrunching.

And next. Paul Mitchell FirmStyle. 




This product is something I really didn’t mean to buy. Well, I mean, I meant to buy it. But it’s not what I thought it was. I really used to like Garnier Glossing Spray, and I’ve been looking for a pro equivalent. Thinking this might be something like that, I picked it up. It’s not, it’s hair spray. It leaves a crunch as a lot of hair spray tends to, if you use a lot of it. I didn’t think I liked it at first, so I was a little bummed that I wasted money on it. But I have to say, it works really great for shaping my bangs, which is is a constant struggle for. So I did change my mind about it.d

Those are the things I’ve tried recently, with pretty good results. So, yes, I would recommend them.

I’m still on a mission for a nice glossing/shine spray… so if you know of a good one that will last awhile with every day use, let me know what it is!

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