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Jessamine Mason Introductions

Jessamine Mason – Volumancer

Trapped. There was no way out, no other way to put it. The word “trapped” spun around in Jessa’s head like a mantra. She’d never seen anything so bizarre in her life. These… people, holding her here. They look like people, anyway. Except not a single one of them has opened their eyes. But they seem to see her. They seem to be looking right at her. They walked toward her with ease, as if they could see perfectly even though their eyes were shut. More of them entered the room, speaking softly to one another. But Jessa couldn’t make out the words. She tugged at the ropes around her wrists, to no avail, wondering how they tied her up in the first place. One moment she was running away and the next she was tied up in this room. How?
All of them were walking toward her now, none of them opening their eyes. She opened her mouth to scream.

Jessa sat straight up in her bed and screamed… “That stupid dream again,” she sighed.  She felt around the dark room for her Spieluhr and earbuds. A light piano drifted into her ears and soothed her as she slowly fell back to sleep.


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