Xanga Nostalgia 

I managed to figure out how to import my old posts from Xanga.
So now there’s a whole bunch of new (old) content. If you look through some of the categories, I’m sure you’ll stumble onto some old stuff. There’s a few more things in the Gamerz Corner because I used to post a little more often about gaming.
There’s a LOT of music related things now, since I used to post songs of the week and weekly AMVs. So if you look in Audiophile Problems, you’ll see all that. If you go to My Life under About Me, you’ll see tons of rambly-sad things I used to post a lot of, along with a ton of those weird Myspace surveys.
You’ll definitely get to know a lot more about me, rendering my fake name on here useless. But oh well.

It only lets  you import like a batch at a time, so the first batch is up and organized, and I’m waiting for the next batch to load. Happy hunting.

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