Upcoming Look Book

So far, I have about four different Christmas gatherings to attend on different days this week, and I wanted to put together an outfit for each of them. My goal was to approach the diversity of my style so I can try my best to put together a “Me” look for MANY occasions.
Since each of these events has it’s own tone, this is probably the perfect opportunity to do just that.

On Christmas Eve, I’m going to my parents house for some pizza and to open presents with my puppy-wuppy. Super duper casual. I could probably show up in sweat pants if I wanted to. But I want to put something casual and cute together.
Christmas Day, James and I are hosting dinner with our families at our apartment. It’s our first time hosting a big dinner in our new place together. Exciting! I want to dress up- but not too formal. Like, I think I want to take something really formal and grunge it down a bit.
Saturday after Christmas, it’s the TACS Christmas party! It’s probably pretty casual, but I want to have the “going out on the town” sort of look for this.
Then Sunday after Christmas I’ll be going to my extended family party at my grandma’s senior home. For this one, I want to go… business casual I guess? A little less dressy than that even, but not crazy casual. Blue jeans with a nice top sort of situation.

The fun part of this challenge is I want a winter/Christmas theme for all the outfits. I started this post thinking I would start putting together the outfits today, photograph them all on the bed or floor or whatever and post them so you can see what I’ll be wearing for the week. But now, I’m starting to think I might want to do the full look (make up and hair) each day and post them all next week?

I think that’s what I’m going to do instead. It’s much more exciting to see how the look pulls together on me than to look at a bunch of pictures of clothes.

Anyway, I posted this explanation of it – so that means I have to do it now. No excuses. I have a tendency to make plans for my blog and never follow through (remember how I promised the “what’s in my camera bag”) and I really want to break that habit. Since deciding my ultimate goal is to get into fashion photography and I already talk a bit about beauty on this blog, I would really like to get more serious about regularly posting.

Now that I’ve let this explanation get a little long and rambly, I’ll leave you with that. I’ll possibly be posting more holiday stuff throughout the week, but keep an eye out for the look book by next Monday.

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