What’s In My Camera Bag?

What’s that? The much awaited and long promised “What’s in my Camera Bag?” post? It can’t be!

I really didn’t want to shoot the whole thing, so I’m going to list what I have. Not as exciting, I know. I would link to everything as well, but I have a strong feeling WordPress would flag it as spam (as it has before when I was working on a project at school which required me to post multiple links in one post) so I’m not going to do that. Here we go. *Ventures onward*

♥Canon EOS Rebel T3
♥Canon Zoom Lens 18-55mm (the kit lens)
♥Canon 50 mm f1.8
♥Canon Telephoto 75-300mm
♥Lensbaby Composer
♥Lensbaby Apeture Disks f2.8-f22
♥Lensbaby Creative Apeture Disks
♥NEEWER Wireless Shutter Release
♥Canon Speedlite 430EXII
♥Gary Fong Sphere Diffuser
♥Cowboy Studio 4 Channel Receiver and Remote Radio Slaves
♥Studio Systems Lighting Studio (2 Light stands, 2 Shoot-through umbrellas, 2 Reflective umbrellas)
♥Targus Tripod
♥Mini-D Mini Tripod
♥Vivitar Filter Kit (UV Filter, Circular Polarizer, FLC +1 Close Up, +2 Close Up, +4 Close Up, x10 Close Up)
♥Ynatran Background Support (this one belongs to my sister-in-law but is in my possession for now)

AND a Canon backpack to carry mostly everything in. A carrying case for both tripods, for the lighting stuff, and the background support.
And for days where I don’t need everything, just a few things, my Adorama Sling bag.

And once work picks back up again for me, I will be saving up for the Canon 70D.

I think that’s it. My gear. My babies.

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