NYE… “Makeup of the Day”

I didn’t  have time to shoot my whole New Year’s Eve outfit, but I did take some pictures of my makeup. My outfit was mostly casual. Jeans with a nice top. But I wanted to do a really festive makeup look, so my outfit wasn’t too important for the day.

20141231-IMG_0376I used my NYX Love In Paris eyeshadow palette: putting a shimmery light blue on the eyelid and blending a silver color from the browbone down. Then I sprinkled a bit of the Wet N Wild glitter on my eyelids. I used e.l.f.’s Fuchsia Fusion blush because it has a light sparkle to it too. Not pictured was the mauve lipstick by Wet N Wild that I had forgotten to put on.

I like silver a lot for New Year’s because it makes me think of something shiny and new: like the brand new year!

I’m not really much for resolutions, since I never stick to them anyway. And besides, I don’t think anyone should wait til January 1st to start improving themselves. Why not start right away?

Anyway, that’s the look I created for the NYE party I went to.
Happy new year to you all. Make it a great one. ♥

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