Updated Face and Skin Routine

A while back, I posted about my general skin care routine and my face routine. Since then, I’ve changed what I do so I’m going to talk about my updated routine. I changed my routine for a couple reasons. The biggest one being, my old face routine was starting to dry out my face too much. So I wanted to try something gentler. I still wash my face in the morning with the same Clean & Clear Morning Burst, but I just lather it my hands and rub it on my face gently instead of using a wash cloth. Then I still use the same Garnier daily moisturizer right after. From then, I’ll determine what sort of makeup routine I want to do for the day and go from there. Sometimes that’s the last step and I go about my day, especially when I want to give my face a little makeup break. But sometimes I’ll just dust a translucent powder on, or sometimes I’ll spot treat with a little concealer, or sometimes I’ll even do the whole foundation thing. I didn’t used to like foundation at all, but I found that I wanted more coverage sometimes. I use Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Foundation because I know that brand typically makes skin care products so I figured they’d be gentle on my sensitive skin. But not every day, just for bolder looks.
Then, at the end of the day it’s time to remove my makeup. I pretty much stopped using the face wash I was using. I was super against wipes since I used the e.l.f. ones and REALLY hated it. I’ve also used the Up and Up (Target) brand ones and I wasn’t into it. I use those to wipe my brushes between washings now. Besides that, I like products that last a long time for what I pay. And with wipes, you only get so many before you have to repurchase. Against my better judgement I bought the Clean & Clear night time ones, but those were significantly better. I found that I actually do like them, so it’s what I’ve been using. I only use them if I wear makeup that day though, so otherwise I just kind of rinse my face in the shower.
Complete the night with my favorite moisturizer still, and that’s my face.

The only thing I do differently now with my general skin care routine is the moisturizing. I really wanted better results that I knew I could get if I moisturized every day. And I knew that meant giving up being a Bath and Body Works snob. Oh, I still use their shower gel and body mist, that’s for sure. But I’ve cut out the lotion. A little bit does NOT go a long way when it comes to that. It simply does not work for everyday use. Not only that, but the whole mixing scents thing.
So I picked up a big bottle of Jergen’s Ultra Healing moisturizer and I have no regrets. I use it right in the morning before I get dressed for the day. I’ll probably switch to something more softening once winter is over, but for now my skin could use the help.

I’ve noticed a few improvements since changing it up, mainly that my skin isn’t so dry. If something’s not working for you, sometimes you just gotta change it up.

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