Goals, Photo Ideas, And More

I know over the past month I’ve been posting way more often. Now that schools are back in session, my day job will be consuming with with graduate and spring photos. The transition has been pretty gradual so far. I only have three shoots this week and three next week as well. It’s going to be fantastic to finally get back to work. I really like my job and I also missed having a nice steady cash flow. (In other job-related news, I still have insane bouts of anxiety before going to work every morning but I’m really hoping that once I’ve gone full circle and learned everything at least once, it’ll subside.)
But going back to work full time will eventually mean this blog will get neglected from time to time. Before that happens, while I’m still kind of on a part time schedule, I’ll be doing a few things.

One thing I’ve decided the other day while photo ideas were consuming me (while I was trying to sleep, of course) is to start collecting wigs. So far, I own one wig – which I think I’ve talked to you about. I was thinking, sometimes I have an idea but I don’t have the time/energy/social skills to get someone to model for me. So if I want to look the part for some of my own photos, I can simply change my hair with wigs! Plus I think they’d be super awesome to wear to cons. I found one that I’m absolutely in love with, and I’ll link it at the end.
Going along with that I want to create a look/personality for “Jessamine” for Cons and things like that. I don’t know if that’s weird… dressing up as a character of your own creation. But oh well. It is what it is. It will all start when I find the perfect wig for her. I’ve been thinking the one I mentioned above (and will link to later) would be a really good fit.

Semi-related to all that is, I will be attending as many cons as I can to photograph. As I mentioned before, I’ll be going to Anime Central this year. But my other goal if nothing else is to go to Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. (C2E2, if you prefer) Last time I went, I was working on a photo project for school. It’ll be great to photograph just for fun this time.

Another thing that I could potentially be working on is a YouTube channel. Not mine, I am sticking to blogging for a good long while. But for a friend of mine, Katie. I’ve known her since we were 3. She wants to do makeup tutorials, recipes, and vlogging in general. So at some point I’ll be helping her get the channel off the ground. Meanwhile, she’ll be helping me a lot with my fashion photography as she did a lot of performing and such so she’s very good at modeling and the like.

The last upcoming thing is a little mini photo project I want to work on. The idea came to me driving home one day, listening to “Reflection” from Mulan. I don’t want to go into too much detail about that, because I’ll be shooting it this over the weekend- so it won’t be long before you see it. But yeah, that’ll be a thing…

Aaaaaaaaand I think that’s it. Those of you who actually subscribe and read, I’m really happy you do and I can only hope I can keep things interesting on here. 😀

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Meiko Bold Blend Wig



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